Juan José Matta, New York University, Wagner

SUSPENDIDO // Joining the Men’s Club: The Effects of Pursuing High-earnings, Male-dominated Fields for Women

Presenta:  Juan José Matta (PhD(c) in Public Administration, New York University, Wagner)

Lugar: Sala P-301, Edificio Placa (Diagonal Paraguay 257)

Coautora: Josefa Aguirre y Ana María Montoya

Resumen: This paper studies gender differences in labor market returns to high-earnings, male-dominated (HEMD) majors in Chile. We link administrative records on postsecondary application and enrollment to labor earnings and fertility data, and exploit discontinuities in admission to HEMD majors generated by Chile’s centralized system of admission to higher education. Our findings reveal that a marginal admission into a HEMD field has large positive economic returns for men, but no effects on women. We explore several plausible explanations for this discrepancy, including effects on fertility and marriage.

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13 de Noviembre, 2019 | 12:30 hrs.

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13 de Noviembre, 2019 | 14:00 hrs.