Óscar Landerretche

Profesor Titular Docente (Jornada Completa)

Diagonal Paraguay 257, oficina 1505-A

(56-2) 2978 3410

Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of The University of Chile. His research interests include the stuffy of heterogeneity in the midst of macroeconomic fluctuations, and the impact of macro shocks on job creation and destruction in the Chilean economy. He has also studied inflation targeting, macro effects of inflation indexing, empirical regularities of lending booms, and, currently, oil and exchange rate passthroughs, and macroeconomic expectation formation in heterogeneous agents. He is the Academic Director of the Joint program in Public Policy of the University of Chile and the University of Chicago. He has consulted in public policy, is associated to the thnktanks Chile21 and Cieplan, and is currently the Chilean advisor for Latinsource.

Documentos recientes
Trabajos de Investigación en Politicas Públicas TIPS
No. 20, pp. 1 - 16, Octubre, 2015
International Labour Review,
Vol. 2, No. 154, pp. 195 - 226, Junio, 2015
Revistas Académicas ISI
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 251 - 297, Julio, 2013
Revistas Académicas ISI

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